How to Find Peace in a Chaotic World

How to Find Peace in a Chaotic World

Without a doubt, we live in interesting times socially, politically and professionally. Long gone are the days when we could read the daily news without fear of being accosted by the latest scandals, violent episodes and domestic disputes. No matter where we turn, adversity awaits, and it seems hard to get just a few moments to catch our breath.

This is all part of living in 2020. With a 24-hour news cycle and social networking sites full of internet snipers, it can be difficult to relax and find a way to calm down and enjoy life. Therefore, it is important now more than ever to find peace within ourselves and find effective ways to interact with others.

Be present

It may be time to commit to spending less time plugged into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media channels. The distance these sites offer seems to have allowed many of us to forget basic politeness and decorum, and we can be more likely to express hurtful sentiments, or have those sentiments turned upon us. Stepping away from these social platforms and getting back into face to face interactions with your family or roommates, or video calling your friends and extended family may be the ticket to improving our sense of connectedness to others and polite discourse. 

Listen well

Next, when faced with someone who shares political or social beliefs different from our own, it may be an excellent time to practice those listening skills that were stressed to us back in grade school. Rather than try to figure out a way to change people’s mind, focus on trying to understand what led them to a conclusion different from your own. Imagine the relief you might feel if you are no longer compelled to make everyone agree with you.

Finally, allow yourself the blissful existence of focusing on what is good in your life. Taking a few minutes every day to write down and acknowledge what you’re grateful for can go a long way. Your own peace of mind is worth it!

Each of these actions is a step in the right direction toward finding peace in a chaotic world. Our UF Health Psychiatry physicians and specialists are here to help when you need us. Make an appointment by visiting or calling 904-244-0411.

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During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more difficult than ever to avoid the constant news cycle. Consider these additional tips to manage anxiety and stress.

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