Ten Ways to Keep the Holiday Season Bright: A Guide for Families

We have all been in this together for nine months now, and it seems like it is taking forever to get back to normal again. Precaution fatigue has set in, and many of us are tempted to let down our guard and forget the real danger of COVID-19. We cannot stop being careful, and as a result, we are all facing the holiday blues. However, you certainly can do something to burst the blues and get your spirits up.


Your children have had to limit playdates, and you probably won’t get to visit many family members in person over the holidays, but there are still many ways to have fun with friends and family.


Here is a guide for your family to keep your holidays bright and end the year with 10 new traditions.

  1. Game night. Many new board games are on the market for holiday ordering, or pull out some classics from your childhood to introduce to your kids. Many platforms online offer educational games geared toward kids — some even offer platforms to invite friends to join in. Search for “family-friendly online games” for ideas.

2. Film a baking class. Try a new or loved holiday recipe together and film it as your own food show. Send the video to family and friends and see who copies what you made. From a full dinner to your favorite cookies, kids of all ages enjoy helping in the kitchen.


3. Fun with Finger Painting. There has been so much handwashing this year! Perhaps it’s time to get those hands dirty and make a handprint mural with the whole family. You can use nontoxic paint to apply right to a wall, or use a canvas and hang in a prominent spot in your home. Sign and date for a forever keepsake.


4. Organize an indoor snowball fight. Nothing beats a good snowball fight. There are several pretend snow options online if you live in a warm climate. Options include a kit that looks like snow, cloth snowballs, or you can even use boxes of tissue to make your own snowballs.


5. Host a dance or music contest. A crazy dance, silly song or funny face contest with cousins may make for unforgettable memories. If your kids prefer to play music, have them perform for their grandparents over Zoom. Don’t forget to record or take videos to save and revisit those memories.


6. Backyard camping. How about a backyard campout with a campfire, hot dogs and s’mores? Whether you end up sleeping outside or pretend camp by working together to pitch the tent, build the fire and sing camp songs, you’ll be starting a unique family tradition for the holidays.


7. Create a 2020 photo collage. You probably have a gazillion pictures from this year on your phone, so pick out your favorites, and arrange them in electronic frame or share them with family and friends through an online photo album.


8. Enjoy the great outdoors (beyond your backyard!) Go on a long bike ride with family and friends. Plan an adventure with fun stops along the way. Or, go on a hike together in one of Florida’s beautiful parks.


9. Hold a scavenger hunt. A creative scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun, whether held indoors or outside. Create one with a friend or have a family vs. family challenge. Take photos or video to share.


10. Teach your pet new tricks. It might be time to teach that old dog, cat, bird or any of your pets some new tricks. He or she would love the new challenge and attention. Spending quality time with animals may help to reduce stress and is a great source of fun for the whole family.


Your family can make great memories, even during these tough times. Getting creative with new traditions will make 2020 a holiday season to remember.

Be healthy, stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season.

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