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Jonathan Vredenburg

Wellness Educator

Jon is an educator in the Employee Wellness Program for UF Health. Jon has also served as the wellness program coordinator for the City of Jacksonville and was a consultant dietitian for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is a registered dietitian and certified Diabetes Educator, in addition to being a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics. He previously served on the Florida Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and in his spare time is a freelance writer and stand-up comedian performing in clubs throughout Florida.

Being Savvy about Supplements

Vitamins, minerals, herbals and extracts line retail shelves, so choosing a safe and effective option can be challenging. Consider these tips the next time you find yourself reaching for one of these nutritional add-ons. Choose food before pills Plenty of scientific evidence supports the notion that a varied…

Quarantine Cuisine: Keeping Your Food Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many of us to spend more time in a room we use every day, but sometimes don’t give much thought about: the kitchen. The need to maintain social distancing has required us to make the shift to more home-cooked meals. While being in control…

Don’t Eat Your Stress

Many of us have been in stressful situations that end with seeking out chips, cookies, ice cream or all three as a temporary source of relief. The trigger could be something small, like a lengthy commute, or something more significant, such as a worldwide global pandemic that has shut down…

The Truth About Carbs – Runner’s Edition

We all know that carbohydrates are typically known as a runner’s best friend. However, like many things in the nutrition world, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. In preparing for long-distance runs throughout the year, a conservative approach to eating can speed you across the finish line.

Fighting the Holiday Calories

Weight gain is typically an item that’s not on our holiday wish list but, unfortunately, is something that many of us still receive. Just the mere mention of the holiday season can induce a need to loosen the belt. What about the numbers? Some observational studies have…

Food Safety for Tailgates

September is National Food Safety Education Month and it is also the start of football season, and nothing brings people together like food and football. With parties and football going hand in hand, we need to make sure that the food we are serving is safe…