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Employee Spotlight

Occupational Therapy in the NICU

We continue our celebration of Occupational Therapy Month by highlighting how occupational therapy benefits our smallest patients.

Occupational Therapy Spotlight: Pediatrics

April is National Occupational Therapy Month, which allows us to highlight the different types of occupational therapy and feature some of the incredible clinicians at UF Health Jacksonville. Our first highlight is on pediatric occupational therapy.

Employee Inspiration During COVID-19: More Short Stories

Our employee inspiration series comes to a close with a final compilation of short stories. These were outlets for UF Health employees to express their thoughts and feelings during the pandemic, as part of the initiative launched by the Center…

Employee Inspiration During COVID-19: Short Stories

The next part of our employee inspiration series continues. Many UF Health employees wrote and shared short stories and anecdotes about how they’re feeling during the pandemic as part of the initiative launched by the Center for Healthy Minds and Practice and…