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Pain Management

Managing Pain Through Collaboration

Dr. Francisco Martinez-Wittinghan wants to help patients suffering with chronic pain.  As medical director of UF Health Family Medicine – Augustine Oaks, he has been a part of Integrating Patient Reported Outcomes for Patient-Centered Pain Care, or IPRO, a patient-centered research project since October 2021. The goal of…

Managing Pain After Your Emergency Department Visit

Managing your pain following a visit to the emergency department may seem overwhelming. An emergency medicine physician and principal investigator for the Pain Assessment and Management Initiative discusses holistic approaches to managing pain at home.

Navigating Over-the-Counter Medications to Manage Pain

Managing pain after an emergency room visit typically involves over-the-counter medications. Our Pain Assessment and Management Initiative team explains how to navigate these types of medications to recover safely.

How to handle heel pain

If you ever experience pain and stiffness in the bottom of your heel then you may be dealing with plantar fasciitis — a condition where the tissue between the heel bone and the toes becomes swollen or inflamed. Sometimes heel pain can be entrapment of the nerve, sometimes it can…