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Occupational Therapy

An Introduction to Acute-Inpatient Rehab

Acute-inpatient rehab services can help a patient recover from stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, neurological disorders or other injuries that have affected their ability to function independently on a daily basis. Acute-inpatient rehab services include several types of therapy: occupational, physical and speech.    The UF Health Jacksonville Rehabilitation department…

Occupational Therapy in the NICU

We continue our celebration of Occupational Therapy Month by highlighting how occupational therapy benefits our smallest patients.

Occupational Therapy Spotlight: Pediatrics

April is National Occupational Therapy Month, which allows us to highlight the different types of occupational therapy and feature some of the incredible clinicians at UF Health Jacksonville. Our first highlight is on pediatric occupational therapy.

Hand Therapy — Leading Patients Back to Work

Hand Therapy Week celebrates how crucial occupational therapists are in helping patients overcome obstacles from injuries. Hand therapy helps patients enjoy everyday life and return to work successfully. The progress Shamori White, a patient at UF Health Rehabilitation – Emerson, has experienced is just…

Hand Therapy — More Than Just Putting on a Belt

Hand Therapy Week recognizes the amazing work of occupational therapists, as well as the benefits of hand therapy. To celebrate this week, we are sharing how a few patients overcame obstacles by completing hand therapy treatments from our occupational therapists. James Thompson, a patient at …

Living Life to the Fullest Through Occupational Therapy

April is National Occupational Therapy month. This year’s theme is “Living Life to the Fullest,” which truly depicts the purpose of occupational therapy. This month offers a great opportunity to educate others about the benefits of occupational therapy, along with the variety of patients it can treat. Occupational therapists and…