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Breast Cancer

Can Breast Cancer Occur in Men?

Male breast cancer is a rare disease that forms in the breast tissue of men. It is often detected at a more advanced stage, primarily due to most men not being aware that breast cancer may also affect them.

The 411 on Breast Health

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a significant time of year to educate ourselves about breast health and schedule appropriate screenings. It’s also a great time to have honest conversations with your physicians, and ask the right questions. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the frequently…

3D Screening Mammograms: Early Detection Can Help Save Lives

UF Health uses the latest technology in breast cancer detection. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer for women after skin cancer. Regular screenings to detect breast cancer should be a part of a woman’s annual health care routine. UF Health Breast Imaging Centers are open and ready to…

Awareness is Power

Each year, UF Health Jacksonville staff and University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville faculty collaborate in multiple ways to promote breast health and breast cancer awareness. UF Health Surgery – Jacksonville and…