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The Importance of Primary Care

The New Year is here and, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. Staying healthy is top-of-mind for most of us, but search engines shouldn’t be our primary source of information on overall wellness. This is why having a primary care physician is important to have at any age.

Living Well in 2020

If you’re like the millions of Americans kicking off new resolutions and wellness plans in 2020, it can seem overwhelming at first. While many choose the first month of the year to start incorporating healthy lifestyle changes, it is important to understand what defines wellness before the journey begins. There are many…

Emergency Room vs. Primary Care: Where should you go when you need care?

When an unexpected medical concern arises, your immediate thought may be to go to the emergency room. While this may be the best solution for broken bones or other acute injuries or illnesses, there are additional options when seeking medical care in Jacksonville, Florida. The majority of illnesses can…